Diamonds in the Rough Project

Each day in June of 2012, Fresh Juice took an empty storefront in the Omaha area and gave it a spruce. We called it the “Diamonds in the Rough” project. We filled each shop with a fictional business, gave it a logo and a vibe and sent it off into the internets. Our hope was that the project will inspire others to see the potential we have surrounding us, and possibly even encourage some to throw their own passion and elbow grease into that small business idea that’s been turning around in their heads for way too long.

A year later, nearly all of the buildings featured in the Diamonds project are filled with new creative businesses.

The mission of Fresh Juice’s Diamond project was to envision and cultivate a new Omaha that may not be part of the “Master Plan”. A spontaneous, organic, grassroots renaissance that is made up of small locally owned businesses created by the community of amazing individuals found in Omaha-land.

There are two things Omaha has in abundance – empty space and talented people. We thought they should be brought together. It was our version of “40 acres and a mule.”

3 thoughts on “Diamonds in the Rough Project

  1. piecesofelises

    I love this! Your blog was recommended to me because I am trying to create an art center in Omaha made by the community for the community that would be able to house equipment for all types of artists to create their work, including musicians. Here’s more about the project here:

    If you know of a spot that seems conducive – please let me know!




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