Hiatus and Developments

Cottage still life with Boycat.

We’ve been on break. After the content packed month of June, we needed a couple weeks to recharge our batteries and decide what Fresh Juice will be taking on next. New projects in abundance! Here’s a look at a few…

*The Diamonds series will be a tough act to follow (And I’m missing doing it somethin awful. A month wasn’t long enough. The ideas are still flowin.), but there are a number of readers that have expressed interest in contributing ideas of their own, so we hope to continue Diamond posts into the future.

*Fool’s Gold posts will begin next week with an introduction to the Omaha Small Business Network (OSBN). They’re the whole reason Clean Plate and Daily Grub were made possible. The micro-loan assistance they offer to small business entrepreneurs in developing neighborhoods make dreams realities. So, they’re an invaluable resource to anyone thinking of giving their own business ideas a shot. They also happen to be some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met.

*And next week features a piece on an inventive and eco-concsious co-housing development that’s been planned for Papillion. (You may have read about it in this Omaha World Herald piece.) The development will sit right next to an operating vegetable farm and include a small village retail center. We’ve been asked to suggest some businesses ideas for them…Diamond style.

*Last, but definitely not least…we’re excited to announce that sometime this August we’ll be opening a pop-up interiors shop in our Vinton Street studio space!!! Lots more details on that to follow.

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