Diamond Necklace

A Diamond to connect all Diamonds!

I’m sure many of you have already seen this map on Facebook. I originally saw the map posted by friend Jenna Morrison a week or so ago. Since then it has gone “locally viral”, with urban planning aficionados and the transportation conscious posting and reposting.

The map was created by Boston College sophomore and Omaha native, Paul Davey. It was inspired by Paul’s love of train travel and subway map design. When he came across a t-shirt titled the “Cincinnati Transit Map for Optimists” designed by Wire & Twine in Ohio, he thought it would be fun to do something similar for Omaha.

“I had been in Boston since January, so I was missing home and it was a good way to feel like I was back in Omaha,” Paul says. “Design-wise, it’s based mostly on the DC and Boston maps, and I tried to lay out my stops such that residential stops would be within biking distance of most homes and downtown stops would be within walking distance of most places.”

It’s genius. And totally doable. We can think bigger than a trolly line. Let’s get the whole city connected. And let’s stretch this thing to Lincoln while we’re at it.

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