Diamond 28, Spano Vintage

This Diamond is particularly exciting because this business already exists! It’s just looking for a home…in Omaha!

Started by sisters Gabe and Shannon Hopp, Spano Vintage is a vintage and handmade clothing boutique on Etsy. Right now, Gabe lives in Minneapolis and Shannon lives in Austin, but both are keeping their eyes and ears peeled for opportunities to move back to their hometown.

Gabe, Shannon and I all worked together at La Buvette a few years ago before they left town. They are babes. Total babes. With brains and kind hearts and the most enviable style. They credit their grandma (for whom Spano is named) for instilling in them “an appreciation of the details of well made clothing.” They’ve honed that appreciation with over 30 years of collective thrift store shopping. The result is a boutique full of beautiful things, curated with an eye for quality.

They say, “When we’re not obsessing on Etsy we both love to ride our bikes, practice yoga, drink non-American wine and eat good food. We’re hoping with your help we can see each other more than once a year.” So let’s help! Let’s get all three of these Diamonds – Gabe, Shannon and Spano – back to Omaha.

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Project Idea: Spano Vintage, a clothing boutique

Location:  3922 Farnam St., Omaha, NE

I think this location would be a great fit for Spano (But I also think Spano would flourish anywhere!). Ideally, the Hopp sisters would love to be in north downtown. They really have their eyes on the building I did for Day 7. So, HELLO, north downtown property owners! Potential renters right here!

Inspiration: Feathers, Prototype Vintage, Arrow and Arrow, all in Austin, and Outpost, Chicago

Menu: High quality vintage clothing and accessories as well as locally handmade clothing. (Shannon’s own line is called SpanoLang.) A first Friday fashion show for local designers and monthly women’s clothing exchanges. In addition to this, Gabe suggested, “We would take clothing donations for homeless shelters/people with clothing needs and also donate a percentage of proceeds regularly to our favorite causes. (Africa Yoga Project, anyone?)”

Vibe: Gabe and Shannon have thought about this. This is what they’re going for – a clean, bright, airy space, full of natural light. Racks organized by size and then color, hand written paper tags. Nothing kitsch, totally fashion focused.

Music: Gabe has a masters degree in musicology. The music will be fabulous.

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