Diamond, Day 26 – SWEET WILDS

If I were ever to take open my own retail space again, this would be it. This might even be the spot. Just a little nook in the world to sell my favorite things – flowers. I love growing them, cutting them, arranging them. They have the magic to infinitely improve the quality of a space, a mood, a person’s day.

My personal take on flowers is actually a lot like my personal take on food and interiors – seasonal and simple, but full of interesting texture, bright color. Made with vintage, traditional elements, but nothing fussy here. It’s all natural and a little bit wild.

And since today’s fictional business is my own indulgent fantasy, I’d also fill the shop with some of my other favorite things – candles and candelsticks, beautiful lighting, vintage glassware and…Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates!

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Project Idea: Sweet Wilds, flower shop

Location:  3928 Farnam St., Omaha, NE

Inspiration: Honey of a Thousand Flowers, Utah, Studio Choo, San Francisco, Shadowbrook Farm’s wildflowers, Lincoln, all the wild things growing in empty lots and along highway roadsides

Menu: Flower arrangements that are seasonal, fresh, creative and a bit wild.

Vibe: It smells AMAZING in here and it makes you smile.

Music: Also seasonal and fresh, but you can expect a lot of Cuban and African soul, blues, Motown…

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